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 Corax Character Creation (Read the book)

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PostSubject: Corax Character Creation (Read the book)   Corax Character Creation (Read the book) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 7:26 pm

Quote :
"It is a hundred years and three and fifty since I came out of the egg, but I do not forget what my father told me. Now I am the chief of the great ravens of the Mountain. We are few, but we remember still..." - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Character Creation

Corax, the children of the Raven made by Gaia to be her eyes and ears, her messengers to the other changing breeds. We are the watchers, we see what others do not. We are the Truth-Sayers and those who bring the secrets to the surface because let's face it... if someone's trying to hide it, then it means the world should know about it. But we're tricksters too, don't think we don't like being the ones to crash parties and laugh... because when you see the horrors we do, the shit we do... you -need- to laugh.

In any case, before you can fling yourself into San Francisco with your corvid friend winging along with you, you'll have to create the concept, as it were... But first some ST notes before you do. Take these into -very- careful consideration.

Things to Know Before Creating Your Corax Character

The below information MUST be taken into account when creating your character as well as vital statistics and rolls for this specific changing breed. Additionally you must at least read the player's Guide to Changing Breeds before you create your character.

We also -highly- recommend that you read the Breed Book for Corax to best understand your character & how to play it as it was meant to be played.

* Corax drink eyes. Yes, you heard me. As mythology states, the eyes are the window to the soul and one of a Corax' abilities, no, their -duties- to the dead and to the Raven (who would likely come out of the Umbra and fuck someone up for not fulfilling their duty) is to see the last visions of the dying by drinking the corpse's eye, so if you can't handle this, all of you squeamish pansies better turn back now.

* Corax have extremely light bones. This means even in Homid and Crinos form. So don't go thinking you can make a power house, 6'1 line-backer of a Corax. No, because when a Corax does get clocked, he really feels it & -any- sort of crushing attack on a Corax (bludgeon, club, fists, 2x4, etc.) hits him especially hard. So hard that the Corax’ soak pool is reduced by one die, & for every Health Level of damage inflicted, the Corax staggers back two feet.

* Gold does the same thing to were-ravens that silver does to the Garou. Being that the Corax are gifted by Helios it's only just that the yellow precious metal effects them where Silver (which is gifted with the properties of Luna) does not affect Corax in any particular way.

* Corax have no auspices.

* The Delirium of the Crinos form is lessened, affecting onlookers as if their Willpower were two points higher.

The Next Step

ll, now that you've got that nailed down, your next step is to slap the skeleton of this baby together. This sheet may be a useful way to keep track of things((if I can get a sheet uploaded to a permanent server, I will link it here)) Here's a basic rundown of what is required:

* Player: That would be you, precious.
o (If you don't want to give your real name to the creepy internet people, then don't; Just give the same name for each character sheet you submit so you don't go exploding the Storytellers' heads; that's just impolite.)

* Pick your Character's name.

* Natures/Demeanors: Now you have to pick a nature for your character. The nature of your character is the true personality; the demeanor is the facade they throw up to confuse the world.
o NOTE: Bear in mind that Corax tend to be relatively uncomplicated people. As such, there’s frequently similarity or even congruence between a Corax’ true self and the face he puts on for the world.

* Choose Breed: Homid or Corvid
o Corax 101: Corax don't just happen. Corax are chosen and the spirit of a raven can be placed in either a human child OR a raven hatch-ling. But the effects of being born one or the other are different.
o Corvid: You were born a raven and lived as a bird until your spirit egg hatched and new vistas opened to your gaze. Now you’d never go back to the way things were.
o Restricted Abilities: Computer, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Politics, Science
o Bonus Ability: Flight 2
o Beginning Gifts: Voice of the Mimic, Enemy Ways, Word Beyond, Raven’s Gleaning
o Homid: Raised a normal human, you were an easily distracted chatterbox. The reason for this became apparent at your First Change when you learned the truth of your heritage.
o Restricted Ability: Flight
o Beginning Gifts: Voice of the Mimic, Enemy Ways, Morse, Word Beyond

* Choose Geographic Origin: (North/Central/South American, European, Russian, Asian)

* Concept: Sum your big, long character history into one or two words. Heartbreaking, I know.

The Step After That Step

* Prioritize Attributes (7 Primary, 5 Secondary, 3 Tertiary)

* Assign Physical Attributes: Strength, Stamina, Dexterity
o Note – Corax are simply not built for Strength. If a were-raven specializes in anything physical, it's Dexterity, which lends itself nicely to in-flight use. Long-distance flyers and the Sun-lost often have a little extra in the way of Stamina.

* Assign Social Attributes: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
o Note – Few Corax have much in the way of Appearance per se, though more than a few do have a certain goth-y, anemic appeal. Manipulation is usually a Corax' focus here, with specialties directed toward gossip or information-gathering. Charisma is also a favorite, for those Corax who prefer to charm rather than to trick their sources of information.

* Assign Mental Attributes: Perception, Intelligence, Wits
o Note – These traits are by far the most important to a Corax. Perception is the most important, allowing a Corax to pick up pertinent details – fast. While raw intelligence is valued, the ability to think on one's feet is usually more of an effective survival characteristic. This is especially true when one considers the penchant most Corax have for getting themselves into situations where thinking fast becomes a matter of life and death.

The Step That Occurs After the Previous Step

* Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills and Knowledges (13/9/5)

* Choose Talents, Skills and Knowledges

Yet Another Step, Does it Never End?!

* Choose Backgrounds (5)
o Allies: Your friends among ravens, humans and even other supernaturals
o Contacts: Useful people and other critters whom you know and can call on
o Fetish: A magical item containing a bound spirit and possessing certain powers
o Kinfolk: Human and ravens free from the Delirium who know you for what you are; relatives and friends with a touch of raven blood in them
o Other People's Secrets: Something important you know that you have no business knowing
o Past Life: Your connection to your Corax heritage and the legendary ravens of days gone by
o Resources: The amount of money and other crassly material goods that you own or have access to
o Rites: The number and/or potency of the rites you have learned
o Umbral Maps: The depth and breadth of your knowledge of the Umbra

* Choose Gifts (3 of selection given by breed): Breed determines (barely) the Gifts you can choose from to start with.

* Choose Renown (2 Wisdom, 1 other)
o All Corax begin with at least 2 Wisdom Renown. They have one other Renown point to distribute wherever they wish -Wisdom, Honor or Glory.

* Rage, Gnosis and Willpower: 1 Rage; 6 Gnosis; 3 Willpower.

Another Step, and We're Finally Winding Down

* Record Rage (1)

* Record Gnosis (6)

* Record Willpower (3)

* Record Rank (1)

* Spend Freebie Points (15)

* Pick Merits and Flaws (if desired)

* Add Raven’s special presents (1 point each in Subterfuge, Enigmas and Dodge)

* Freebie Points: You get 15 of these beauties, not including any extra you got from the flaw pool points that you neglected to spend on merits. The list below shows how many freebie points each particular thing costs; Keep track of this on your submission sheet, so your ST can see what you did.

Trait Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Gift 7
Background 1per dot
Rage 1 per dot
Gnosis 2 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot


And're almost done! Type up your explanations for your abilities, merits, flaws, etc. As well as your character background. You will also need to type up whatever equipment your character might be carrying around with them at any given time. When you've finally accomplished this daunting task, you may send all of your Word, Notepad, etc. documents to And then loiter around in the #RA_OOC channel for a while. You'll be contacted by an ST, who will go over your character with you, let you know if you've been approved or denied, discuss things and help you as best they can (because unlike your favorite wiki editor, here, they aren't horrible jerks... you hope)

Do us all a favor, however: Don't get ignorant with the ST's. They are here to help you and to keep the game fun for everybody. Engaging in dickery will get you nowhere.

Aaaand....there you have it! Enjoy stealing the secrets and gossip of the world around you on light feet and feathered wings. Just be certain to watch yourself... not everyone likes a nosy Corax with a big mouth...

All information is property of White-Wolf Games Studios.
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Corax Character Creation (Read the book)
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