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Shifters preyed on humans for over 3000 years, and while most humans have no idea that shifters truly exist, a part of them remembers. The horror of the Crinos form, incites a kind of madness in humans that Shifters call the Delirium.

The stronger a human's will, the more clearly she can deal with seeing a Shifter. Most humans, however, either panic and run, or they just collapse. Even stronger-willed people tend to forget the encounter later, either by rationalizing what they saw ("A bear! I'm not kidding!") or by omitting the entire incident from their minds. The Shifters refer to this subconscious denial as the Veil, and they look at it as one of their greatest assets.

The following chart shows what a human will do when he sees a Crinos as per his Willpower score. The chart also shows whether and to what degree the human will forget the encounter. Students of the occult might gain some bonus on this chart. STs may choose to allow such humans a Wits + Occult roll, difficulty 9 with those who give off the full effect of Delirium and difficulty 7 with those who only incite it partialy. With each success moving the human up one level on the chart. In addition, members of cultures that didn't suffer the Impergium to a great degree (such as Native Americans and Australian Aborigines) might also be granted a bonus. Photographs or such evidence don't trigger any fear reaction, although human witnesses will probably rationalize the photos away as publicity stunts or some such unless they have a Willpower of 8 or higher. Kinfolk are immune to the Delirium. Also immune are Vampires and Mortal+ with 3 or more levels of a single power.

Willpower Forget? Reaction
1 Yes Catatonic Fear: The human collapses and whimpers or perhaps even faints
2 Yes Panic: The human runs in fear, trying to put as much distance between himself and the Shifter as possible.
3 Yes Disbelief: The human refuses to accept what he sees and he will likely retreat to a corner and stare at the "hallucination" until it passes.
4 Yes Berserk: The human takes some sort of aggressive action, be it firing a gun (he won't have enough presence of mind to reload, however), throwing crockery or even leaping at the "monster."
5 Yes Terror: Much like panic, except with more reason. The human will be rational enough to lock doors behind him or to get in a car and flee.
6 Yes Conciliatory: The human will try to plead and bargain with the Shifter, doing anything possible so as not to get hurt.
7 No* Controlled Fear: Perhaps this person is a soldier. Although terrified, he does not panic. The human will flee or fight as appropriate, but remains in control of his actions.
8 No* Curiosity: These people are dangerous, because they remember what they saw (more-or-less), and they might well investigate the matter further. Conspiracy theorists and cryptozoologists often fall into this category.
9 No Bloodlust: In the far reaches of this human's mind remembers the depredations of the Shifter, and he refuses to take anymore. The human is afraid but angry and he will remember the Shifter and probably even try to hunt it down.
10 No No Reaction: The human is not the slightest bit afraid or bothered by the Shitfer. Even Kinfolk aren't this stoic, so Shifter tend to be very suspicious of such folks.

* The human will remember, but will rationalize what he saw.

Bastet Only.

Pryio is a subtle indicator of true personality of a shifter, and determines how one will handle challenges and approach life as a whole.

Despite how much the Baset revere Seline, they do not share the Garou's connection with her, and as such nave no Auspices. But They do have Pryios, which serves the same general purpose, but are much more subdued of an influence on the Bastet's personality. While Pryio is determined by the hour of a day that a Bastet undergoes first change, it can be subject to change whenever the cat goes some severe life altering change. Because of this shifting nature to Pryio, and lack of a spirit there are no gifts linked to ones Pryio.

* Daylight: Bastet with the Daylight Pryio are typically open and direct in their dealings. They can be taken at face value and prefer straightforward battles if conflict is needed. Daylight Bastet tend to be diplomats, warriors, lawgivers, and protectors. They are nurturing sorts, and have an optimistic take on life. Those with Daylight Pryio refresh their willpower by facing serious challenges head on and win through courage and good nature.

* Twilight: Twilight cats have a penchant for mysteries and magic. Seeing the world in shades of gray they are often detectives, lawyers, spies, or mystics, searching for hidden meanings in all their endeavors. They also my be romantics or artists, letting their emotions flow and drive them a positive or negative direction. Twilight Baset are insatiably curious, and they refresh their willpower by solving mysteries, thinking through their challenges or creating works of art or literature.

* Night: Night Bastet tend to be withdrawn and perhaps duplicitous, focusing on their own endeavors to the exclusion of all else. They are short tempered and fiercely territorial, and prefer to be either scholars, taskmasters or other driven dedicated sorts. Bastet with this Pryio are the ones most likely to become assassins or man-eaters, and they tend to acquire a degree of infamy in relative short order. They refresh their willpower when they protect their space, safeguard their secrets, or bring pain to others.

Gurahl Only.

The Auspice Information was taken form the books 'Werewolf the Apocalypse' and 'Players Guide to the Changing Breeds' and is a product of White Wolf Publications

Gurahl have five auspices which, like those of the Garou, correspond to phases of the moon. However the Gurahl auspices are not fixed. The Gurahl will progresses through all five in them during their lifetime, Although some individuals may spend more or less time in certain auspices than others. The Gurahl auspices, with their Garou equivalents, are:

* Arcas, the New Moon: This Auspice governs the Gurahl for their first change through to the completion of their first battle after leaving their Mentor. (Ragabash)
* Uzmati, the Full Moon: Uzmati governs the Gurahl for their solitary travels and introduces them to their place as Gias warrior, they will spend may years fighting the Wyrm and will only feel ready to move on to the next phase when they are ready to settle down and take a mate. (Ahroun)
* Kojubat, the Gibbous Moon:This Guides the Shifter through remembering and learning. They study the history of the Werebear and most would begin their life’s work in this stage. Many are respected in this stage as they are seen to embody the knowledge imparted to the Breed by Gaia herself. (Galliard)
* Kieh, the Crescent Moon: This is the Stage of reflection and mysticism, expanding the knowledge of Rites and gifts. (Theurge)
* Rishi, the Half Moon: The final stage of the Gurahl most look to them for guidance and wisdom and guidance. They keep themselves in a state of Judges and Deputies, meditating and remaining outside of petty squabbles. (Philodox)

The Following is Information Regarding The Garou Auspice for general knowledge only.

A Ragabash is born on the new moon. Ragabashes will take on the role of a trickster or jester to ease the moods of fellow packmates, or even to enlighten them through the folly of humility. A Ragabash will take on the role of advisor, giving advice to his leader so that for alternative courses of actions.

A theurge is born on the quarter-moon. A Shifter born under this sign is often connected to the spirits and the umbra in a way the other auspices are not, allowing the shifter to see and hear things that others would be blind to. The theurge because of this can seem somewhat eccentric. A theurge is a natural leader, often takes the shamanistic roles in their communities.

A philodox is born under the half moon. Philodoxes take up roles that are related to that of judges and mediators. They make the best judges because they "see both sides" of a situation best and can make fair judgment that suits everybody best.
Galliard The galliard is born under the three-quarters moon. A galliard is an artisrt filling roles such as writing, reading, and other forms of expression. Some call galliards the bards to the nation, charged with the duty of remembering events and heroes to honor ancestors, and remember their lessons.

An ahroun is born on the full moon. An ahroun is suited as a warrior, the "teeth and claws" of Gaia herself. An ahroun is a specialist in combat, set apart from the other auspices in their expertise. Many ahrouns take up roles as strategists for combat in addition to their fighting role.

==Litany and Laws==
The Laws of the Breeds

==The Bastet==

Brought about through mistakes and common sense, the Bastat have five laws. These are made more for individuals than for groups as a whole. Whiles there are some similarities to the Guru the Bastet would never admit to having something in common with the dogs.

* Honor Yourself:
A Bastet holds Magic within themselves, within their hearts, minds and spirits. To dishonor themselves is to disperse that magic and scatter their souls. Cleanse yourself of filth, divest yourselves of your former lives, care for your own health and avoid inbreeding sickness. Possession is unclean, and one must shake other spirits from their skins, lest they taint own own. Purify yourselves with washing, seek cures for your sicknesses, raise the deformed ones that are born and cleanse your souls with ceremony. If the Unmaker's spawn ride us to destruction, we are obligated to take our own lives. If we do not, others will do it

* Honor Your Word:
Bastet are the wisest of the Changing Breeds, and come from places that respect the meaning of Honor. Bastet are honest, with each other at least. It is acceptable to lie to other creatures. To break no oaths before the Folk, and make no false witness against one of our own kind. A promise made is a bond sworn to Seline. Bastet act as if the goddess Herself would punish them for violating one. They may flee to survive a fight, but not when others are depending on their strength. One must make restitution to those who have been deceived, in deeds, trade or money. Challenged to Hanshii or punished by rite, exiled or branded; or at the very least disgraced and remembered as liars to all the Folk.

* Honor Your Kin and Kind:
Remember the Kinfolk who keep your kind alive and respect your cousins in other tribes. The great cats are more precious than human kinfolk, but both of them are equally important. All Bastet are sacred in the light of the moon, and our sternest oaths protect us in these twilight times. All our laws pertain to Kin and Kind, and we respect each other as siblings under the moon. To quarrel with each other without just cause is foolishness. Seek open restitution and honorable combat, respect a challenge and the challenger, and obey the lorespeaker and the host of the taghairm. When Kin and Kind are in danger, aid them; when they cry, succor them. Take the judgment placed on you by your fellows, distance yourself from your Kind, forsake the taghairm and accept the brand of the oathbreaker. If one allows their Kin to come to harm, accept that their spirits will carry news of ones cowardice, and accept that label as just.

* Honor Your Earth:
As children of the moon and earth, we are to fight the corruption that eats at the world. When the Asura devour the spirit of the land, do not idly stand by. Your weapons are many secrets, claws, teeth and allies, do not hesitate to employ them for the world's survival. The Bastet have walked too close to extinction for them to take such things lightly. To poison not the earth nor allow it to be ruined. Inform others of plans of those who pollute the wild places and hunt down those who poach game. Even if this means working with the dogs, then that is what it shall take to stop the demons from entering your land. Do not ally yourselves with shadow powers or drink corrupted wisdom. Stand brave in the face of the Unmaker's wrath and you will triumph.

* Honor Your Silence:
Bastet are keepers of secrets, and their fates depend on silence. Each of them bears the hidden doom of their own people, and they know the cost of betraying that trust. They also know what they have, what others want. Or at least they think they want it. A Bastet will rather watch others squirm than share what they know right off hand. Never let your Yava leave your lips, nor allow them to fall into other hands. Bastet mysteries are their own to dispense, and we will value them by Rank and Title. We will hide ourselves from outsiders; they will think they know us, but we will delude them. We will wrap our lore in riddles and tales; the clever ones puzzle out their meaning. If they can't it is their own faults. Act as if you know more, keep them guessing, and let them wonder at our insight. They will value us more highly when they do. Cover your tracks with misdirection, pretend to be other than what you are, fill the air with idle rumors and hide messages in code. The one who fails to keep the Yava will be killed. There is no better mercy. And any who act upon it will be ripped apart by hunting cats. There is no forgiveness for this crime.

==The Corax==

* There Are No Secrets:Just that. You're a Corax Damnit. There are things that others don't want you to know. Find it out.

* Share What You Know: Otherwise what's the point in having it? It's the reason for their existence.

* Teach Them What They'll Learn: Ravens don't shut up, and the others know this. That means that they are only half listening to what the birds are saying. And that's bad when you know were the BSD hive is. Corax need a little reminder that the news is important here.

* Protect the Eggs: No brainer. Hell, you put all that spiritual energy into a little thing for the future, you better protect it!

* Remember Why You're Here Corax aren't fighters. They aren't here to cull the humans, they aren't Gaia's memory. Well not her True memory. They are here to give people the news.

* Bear Witness: What's the point in something happening, you seeing it, and then dying?! None. You see something happen, You tell what you saw, you pass it on.

* The Truth Matters: Course it does. Corax are branded as tricksters, and cause of that they need to make sure what comes out of their world holes is the truth. If you're in the business of information gathering, your product better be good or you'll "Go Out Of Business".

* Everything Is Part of the Cycle: Everything has a purpose and a place. The Garou kill things, the Corax gather information. Get it right.

* Don't Play Favorites: Corax are both children of Raven And Helios. Both of them blessed them with fun little shiny things, and both should be paid respect to.

* Fly!: Holy Cow! You have Wings! How many other changers have Wings?! Realize how lucky you are and USE the blasted things.

* Laugh:Or you'll go nuts. Really. The world is quite a fucked up place. You don't take a little time to see a glimmer of humor in something, you're job is going to eat you alive.

All the Above Information was taken form the books 'Werewolf the Apocalypse' and 'Players Guide to the Changing Breeds' and is a product of White Wolf Studios.

==The Gurahl==

The Code of Ursa
*Cherish the cubs.

*Protect the land.

*Nurture the needy.

*Teach the supplicant.

*Breed wisely.

*Cleanse the tainted.

*Guard the secrets.

*Rights of the elder.

*Remember your history.

*Punish the guilty.

*Avenge wrongful slaying.

==The Nuwisha==

The Nuwisha have Litany, though is not like the Garou’s. Coyote asks his children six things. He knows that some rules need to be broken, but with these, he is likely to punish the stupid. Sometimes a coyote just doesn't have a say in the matter of how things go.

*Let a fool die a fool's death.

*Teach those who Need teaching a proper lesson.

*Always prank the Wyrm.

*Be subtle.

*Respect Luna.

*Think, then act.
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