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 Gural Creation 101 (note: READ THE BOOK AS WELL)

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Gural Creation 101 (note: READ THE BOOK AS WELL) Empty
PostSubject: Gural Creation 101 (note: READ THE BOOK AS WELL)   Gural Creation 101 (note: READ THE BOOK AS WELL) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 5:55 pm

Character Creation

So you wish to make a Gurahl, do you? To create a massive, lumbering tank that can swat away with a touch and heal with a caress? Or perhaps to create a raging monster made furious by the mockery made of Gaia? Perhaps your idea of a good time fits somewhere betwixt those two extremes...In any case, before you can fling yourself into San Francisco with your massive friend in tow, you have to create the concept, as it were...and what better way to begin then by selecting your tribe?

ST Note: If it is not listed here, it is not allowed.

Allowed Gurahl Tribes

For more information, read the Player's Guide to Changing Breeds

Forest Walkers: At home in the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest and southern woodlands of the US as well as the forests of Europe and the rainforests of South America, these born storytellers are among the most outgoing of the Gurahl.

Mountain Guardians: The Grizzly bear of the American northwest, these strongest of the Gurahl seek to expand their Kinfolk base.

River Keepers: Originating near the great rivers of the world, these water-loving Gurahl are superb athletes and dedicated conservationists.

The Next Step

Well, now that you've got that nailed down, your next step is to slap the skeleton of this baby together. This sheet may be a useful way to keep track of things. Here's a basic rundown of what is required.

* Give us a name to call you by!

* Player: That'd be you, precious. If you don't want to give your real name to the creepy internet people, then don't; just give the same name for each character sheet you submit so you don't go exploding the Storytellers' heads; that's just impolite.

* Fill in the blank with your clan next.

* Natures/Demeanors: Now you have to pick a nature for your character. The nature of your character is the true personality; the demeanor is the fa├žade they throw up to confuse the world. However, natures and demeanors can be the same, in some cases.

* Breed: You start off with one of two breeds: Homid or Ursine.

* Rank: Your standing in the Gurahl world. You start off at 1, darling.

* Auspice: You have five to choose from. Check the Player's Guide to Changing Breeds for them.

* Home / Den-Realm: Describe your domicile/residence/pad/digs/crib/cave/ditch near the highway/section of sewer.

* Concept: Sum your big, long character history into one or two words. Heartbreaking, I know.

* Gurahl Renown: You start off with three dots to put between them: Cleverness, Ferocity, and Honor.

The Step After That Step

Now you get to put dots in things! Thrilling, no? You've got three attribute groups here: Physical, Social, and Mental. Now it's time for you to prioritize.

* Your primary group gets 7 dots for you to spend in...
* Secondary gets 5...
* and tertiary, as one might expect, gets a measly 3.

Spend your magical dots of goodness wisely, and be warned that should you put 5 dots in any one category, you had best have a good reason as to why prepared when you submit your character for ST approval.

(Note: Every attribute begins at 1, unless you happen to be a Nosferatu; they are created with 0 dots in appearance and may never raise that, so just cross it off your sheet now; it's worthless. These beginning dots DO NOT count against your spends, which is awesome. Any Attribute of 4 or five (except appearance) must be explained in the background.

The Step That Occurs After the Previous Step

Here you get to slap more dots around, and this is where your character truly begins to flesh out, so to speak. Once again, you are required to prioritize your groups:

* Primary group gets a lucky 13 dots to spread around.

* Secondary group gets less at a mere 9 dots...

* Tertiary group fails at a depressing 5 dots.

Should you put 3, 4, or 5 dots in any one group, please explain why you did so on your submission sheet, so the ST's can decide if it is warranted. If you don't, you may not be approved, and you can't come crying to me about it because I'm on the internet and I don't give a rat's ass.

Oh, and before I forget: Magical Secondary Abilities!

Yes, you can create specialized abilities and spend dots on them, same as you would your main abilities.

Say you want to make an angry bubasti priestess; that's all well and good. However, you'd like her to be very, very skilled at scaring the piss out of people with the stink eye: Great, go for it! Make your specialized ability 'Stink Eye', which, incidentally, sounds kind of awesome. However, the dots you put in here only work if you are ventilating an innocent person with said stink eye, and not say, lover's eye or bedroom eye. Rolls using your secondary ability in this way are at a -2 difficulty. This does use up your abilities dots, so be careful.

Now you get to figure out your advantages! Hooray! More stuff to piddle around with! Here is the piddling in question:

* Backgrounds: You have 5 dots total to spend here spend them wisely, and yes, you do have to explain why you chose these backgrounds when you submit your character.

* Gifts`: You may choose three rank one gifts from among the general gifts, breed gifts, and tribe gifts in any combination.

Yet Another Step, Does it Never End?!

And here's the delightfully fun part. You get to choose merits and flaws for your character from the Vampire/Dhampir/Ghouls/Mortals/Others Merits and Flaws list. For your edification, I shall explain to you how this process functions:

* Your flaw pool begins at 0. Lovely number, very rounded.

o You can slap down as many flaws as you want; the number will be added to said flaw pool. However, only seven points of these flaws count. Anything extra is just gravy.

* You can then spend these babies to buy merits, which are awesome.

o You may buy more merits than you have flaw points. For example, if you only took a single, 1 point flaw, you could purchase for yourself a 5 point merit.

* If, for some inexplicable reason, you have points in your flaw pool and don't feel like using them to buy merits, you can add those to your FREEBIE POINTS explained in this next step.

(Note: Yes, you DO have to explain merits and flaws when you submit your sheet. Don't whine to me. I don't care.)

Another Step, and We're Finally Winding Down

* Gnosis: Depends on your breed. Homid gets 2, Metis gets 4, and Feline gets 6.

* Willpower: Depends on your tribe! Just look it up, love.

* Rage: As above.

* Freebie Points: You get 15 of these beauties, not including any extra you got from the flaw pool points that you neglected to spend on merits. The list below shows how many freebie points each particular thing costs; Keep track of this on your submission sheet, so your ST can see what you did.

Trait Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Gift 7
Background 1per dot
Rage 1 per dot
Gnosis 2 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot


And now....you're almost done! Type up your explanations for your abilities, merits, flaws, etc. As well as your character background. You will also need to type up whatever equipment your character might be carrying around with them at any given time. When you've finally accomplished this daunting task, you may send all of your Word, Notepad, etc. documents to rasubmissions@gmail.com And then loiter around in the #RA_OOC channel for a while. You'll be contacted by an ST, who will go over your character with you, let you know if you've been approved or denied, discuss things and help you as best they can (because unlike your favorite wiki editor, here, they aren't horrible jerks) Do us all a favor, however: Don't get ignorant with the ST's. They are here to help you and to keep the game fun for everybody. Engaging in dickery will get you nowhere.

Aaaand....there you have it! Enjoy sowing the seeds of chaos and destruction wherever the iron-clad boot of your Gurahl may tread. Just be certain to watch yourself....
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Gural Creation 101 (note: READ THE BOOK AS WELL)
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