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 Diablerie 101: House Ruling

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PostSubject: Diablerie 101: House Ruling   Diablerie 101: House Ruling I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 5:54 am

Diablerie Rules

Here at RA we use the optional Rules Diablerie

This is an optional rule that we the STs of the 'Rose and Apple game have decide to implement. It has been taken form 'Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand' page 41.

The Reward

  • The Diablerist permanently increases his/her generation by one generation per victim, If the Victim is a lower Generation than the Dioblerist.

  • To perform the act the Diablerist rolls Strength at a difficulty of 8. 1 success means it is done, 0 successes mean a failure and there is no Diablerie and a Botch well that's the ST's problem then yours.

  • Upon successful Diablerie it is possible for the character to gain the memories and the knowledge's of the victim. The character rolls Intelligence and Empathy Diff 8. One success indicates only fragmented memories remain, while 5 or more success's indicates total life memories are gained. These memories last for one day per success rolled before they fade away.

The Punishment

  • The Clan weakness of the victim temporary is gained by the Diablerist. If the victim is of the same clan as the Diablerist them the characters own clan flaw is increased, this last for as long as the memories gained.

  • Once the act of Diablerie has taken place the victim rolls his/her current Willpower Diff 8. The number of success's determines how many fragment for the victims soul remains within the Diablerist. Each fragment will have one dice it can use, all the fragments that remain can pool together. When the ST see fit they can decide to roll this number of dice against a difficult equal to the Diablerists correct Willpower. Each success equals one action the soul fragments can take with the Diablerists body. The greater the number of success's the greater the urges of the Diablerist feels to take these actions. The soul fragment wish to destroy their victim straight out, they prefer to punish their victim for his/her crimes by destroying everything around the Diablerist first and them finish things off. They usually cause the Diablerist to experience nightmare. But remember the soul fragments form several different victims can work together as one.

  • When the Willpower roll of the victim is made the number of success achieved will also determine the amount of black veins that remain in the Diablerists Aura. A botch on this test mean not only does none of the victim survive but NO black veins remain.
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Diablerie 101: House Ruling
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