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 Rose and Apple Club Description

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Rose and Apple Club Description Empty
PostSubject: Rose and Apple Club Description   Rose and Apple Club Description I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 7:04 am


The Rose & Apple Elysium consists of three areas. The ground floor which is open to the general public (Rp room #Rose^and^Apple). This is a newly renovated club toting varying degrees of entertainment from Burlesque shows (Burlesque; a humorous and provocative stage show featuring slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, and a scantily clad female chorus.) & live big band music (those nights are every weekend and offer dancing with an open floor); catering to a wide range of clientele. Most are welcome in this part. A business casual/evening wear dress code is (mostly) enforced.
The Basement area is strictly VIP (supernatural) only (Rp room #RA_VIP). The basement is accessible by the elevator, and only if the hostess gives you a Magni-Card. The upstairs area are just offices and administration. The club is managed by Isabella Curte. Club Security is very high.

The Rose and Apple mortal Lounge/Burlesque Club/Dance Hall, Masquerade is enforced all the time. The club (which has an somewhat open floor plan)has three areas:
The first area is when you walk into the small lobby of sorts, a concierge style desk as you walk in where Rosie the hostess greets you and takes your entrance fees depending on the night or directs you to where you wish to go. Straight past her are glass doors leading into the establishment. To the right is the coat check and then to the left down a small hall where a man stands guard is the elevator leading to the VIP lounge. To pass him you need to show your magni-card (special swipe card Rosie will give all supernaturals who enter) and then swipe it in the pad at the elevator which will take you to #RA_VIP.

The second area is the Lounge (right) for general chatter and relaxing while sipping cocktails, coffee or enjoying appetizers.<br>
The third area (center) past the lounge, totes a balcony/mezzanine where patrons can relax on velvet cushion while enjoying cocktails and the shows, below can be seen the main stage where the burlesque shows are performed most nights (the dance floor being used as space for tables with 4 seats and low lighting) while on weekends the house 'Big Band' performs dance hall classics where patrons are invited to use the dance floor (which is then cleared of tables).

Supernaturals are welcome here as long as they play nice and observe the Masquerade.

The VIP Lounge

This is the VIP Lounge in the Basement of the Rose and Apple. Quiet, comfortable and out of the way, The masquerade is not enforced here. The Lounge totes darker tones and a lounge setting, stage at the very back of the room and seating for all, the bar is well stocked and tended by a quiet yet pretty ghoul. This is for Supernaturals only, any non-kindred supernatural enters at their own risk, this is a Camarilla Elysium in times of court only Camarilla members are permitted entrance
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Rose and Apple Club Description
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