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 Intimidation House Rules

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Intimidation House Rules Empty
PostSubject: Intimidation House Rules   Intimidation House Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 6:48 am

Intimidation House Rules

Intimidation is rolled and may be contested by a Willpower roll at Difficulty 6.

If the Willpower roll beats the number of successes generated by the Intimidation roll, the target suffers no effects.

If the Intimidation roll wins depending on the number of successes a Willpower point can be spent by the target to stop fleeing.

On a Willpower roll botch, no Willpower can be spent; the target is cowed and submits or runs.

The number of successes rolled against the intimidation roll subtracts from the total intimidation successes. For example, if one rolls six on intimidation, and one resists at four, it is considered only a two success roll.

The number of successes on the Intimidation roll add to the reactions based on the target. For example;

1-2+ successes the target is concerned but can react.

3+ successes the target is visibly cowed. All actions from here on against the Intimidator are at +1 difficulty.

4+ and it's very visible. The target shows fear. The target now needs to spend 1 Willpower point per turn to stay in the Intimidators presence.

Intimidation Vs target with Iron will: The target receives -2 to the difficulty n the initial Willpower resist roll.
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Intimidation House Rules
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