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 City Information (Territories)

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Welcome to the city of San Francisco, CA! the layout is simple:

For a map of the city go to,+California,+United+States&vps=2&jsv=159e&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=39.564748,76.552734&ie=UTF8&oi=geospell&ct=clnk&cd=1&geocode=FVxnQAId_Ae0-A&split=0 Have a play and get to know the city.

Welcome to the city of San Francisco, the layout is simple.

*China Town (#RA_ChinaTown)
San Francisco’s Chinatown: loads of great restaurants and old shops…A gold mine for rare items and the omnipresent Tchotchke. Many of the older buildings are pagodas in traditional Chinese architecture. Golden dragons slither up street lamps, jade tiles wink and catch the moonlight on the roves, and paper lanterns are strung merrily across the main streets. Though this place is beautiful, it is one of the most dangerous sections of the city. This was the domain of the Cathayans. however in recent night they are gone without a trace. Rumors are circulating that something destroyed them and made the Sabbat think twice.

The Sabbat Grounds

The Sabbat have managed to take over the Southeast districts.

*Alameda – Arch Bishop Lennard Price
This area is in not a part of the main Sabbat territory. The Arch Bishop has set up shop in the Bay area across form San Francisco. This was where the Bishop’s packs lead by Anton made their attack.

*Hunter’s Point – Bishop Anton Cindi York (#RA_Docks)
Hunter’s Point is home to many family businesses, community organizations, home recording studios, and churches. The most prominent of these is the Hunter’s Point Shipyard and blue-collar factories. However, there has recently been an increase in housing prices due to gentrification. Many African-Americans from the Bayview-Hunter’s Point region have moved to other Bay Area cities, while Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians represent a growing part of the neighborhood. They come drawn by warm weather, lower housing prices, and new construction surrounding the city's current projects such as the Third Street Light Rail Project. But where is Anton?

*Portola – Tzimisce – Bishop Sedrick Vandervall
Maltese, French, Italian, Asian. It’s a middle class neighborhood with a staggering amount of cultural diversity. It has everything it needs close at hand, from a small University, to a firehouse, etc….It also easily accessible and the main port freeway is close by. This is a perfect little hideout for the horror of the Tzimisce and the Blood Brothers. Who would’a thunk it?

*Visitacon Valley' – Brujah Bishop Bailey McCall
The area has long had a large proportion of immigrants and is now home to many people who were originally from Asia, particularly Vietnam. It is also home to a very large population of African-Americans. For many years, this area was also one of San Francisco's most violent neighborhoods, frequently home to gang violence and drive-by shootings due to its notorious housing projects. This is of course perfect for the violence of the Bishop’s pack who thrive here.

The Camarilla

The Prince pretty much controls the city, but there are certain areas which have fallen or changed hands accordingly. The following are some of the most important places in the Princes Camarilla.

*Union Square – Camarilla hunting grounds (#RA_Cam_Rack)
After the great earthquake of 1906, Union Square became San Francisco's premier shopping district, and, by the 1930s, the site of the world's first underground parking structure. It’s a popular tourist attraction and most shop are open until 9pm at night.

*Soma– Camarilla Elysium’s
Also know as South Market, this neighborhood is one of the most diverse and offers a wide range of shops and entertainments to choose from. These can be anything from stretches of warehouses, auto repair shops, nightclubs, residential hotels, art spaces and Museums, loft apartments, furniture showrooms, and condominiums to technology companies.

** South Market Manor' - Elysium where the council hold office, a general meeting place.
** The Brigg – This unassuming warehouse is actually the Sheriff’s office, where he keeps his interrogation rooms, detailing cells, punishment arena and the like.

The Tremere

*Ocean View'
Home to the Zoo, this is one of the largest Neighborhoods in San Francisco. However, it is also home to the Chantry. The Tremere have long made their home here, out of the way to the bustle of down town city but close enough to keep tabs on things. For the last 5 years the Tremere have been struggling to maintain a grip on their territory with the emergence of the Envotech corporation, a subsidiary of Envo Industries. They specialize in Computer components and programs, and they have a contracts within the military and other companies in the area. The Director of the company, Chad Freefield, has won many awards for his business and marketing strategies...or so it seems; many strange things happen here.

The Anarch grounds that were negotiated for when former Baron Roselie Black entered the city due to her assistance in helping put a stop to the Sabbat’s territory-increasing onslaughts. The Baron was awarded two separate areas bordering one another Castro and Mission District. However, this territory placed them right in the middle of the Camarilla and the Sabbat and between the two it was doomed to be destroyed. Slowly conflict with the Anarchs and the two factions lead to the Anarchs being killed of and the rest fleeing the city. Now the Camarilla has claimed back what which was there's.

*Mission District (#RA_Downtown)
The Mission is the largest district in San Francisco, and is home to most of the city’s Latin population. Highlights of the area include the unusual and colorful murals lining the streets. Most of these have Mexican and El Salvadorian roots and cultural themes. The Mission is an area is rich with cultural and artistic centers including galleries, studios and performance. Due to the hint of simple street crime here, the area has a natural rough and tumble feel. It’s a colorful neighborhood full of cultural diversity. This is the area surrounding the Rose and Apple.

** 'The Rose and Apple (#Rose^and^Apple) - The Main Elysium, The Rose and Apple is a pub/club with two club settings: Up stairs is a strip club the 'face' of the establishment it is rented by Isabella Curte an independent Giovanni, all are welcome here as long as they follow the rules. The second is the V.I.P. Lounge (#RA_VIP) which is a kindred only private bar and the guts of the Elysium in the lower levels. During times of court only Camarilla are allowed.


*Marina District
This is the territory of the the Lasombra Antitibue. Protected viscously. Ruled By Elizabeta Mercedes Maria Zayas Miranda Most are welcome but cause trouble as your own risk.

*Golden Gate Heights up through to the Persidio
Here be claws and lots of them, this large chunk or territory has been claimed by the Gangrel. The barely tolerate intruders so enter at your own risk.

*Southeast, Silver Terrace
Independent ground and a recent development to the city. The Sabbat tend to leave this place alone. Silver Terrace is in the middle of Sabbat ground, the area being middles class, multicultural, and possessing a high crime rate. Due to being so close to the docks there is much factory and warehouse space closer to the highways.

*Holy Cross Cemetery – Giovanni
Holy Cross Cemetery was established in 1887, and is the oldest and largest in the area. Most all of the burial records at Holy Cross are computerized at this time. Burials were also being performed at Calvary Cemetery in Downtown San Francisco prior to 1889. Later on, land was needed and Calvary Cemetery was closed. The remains of those buried in Calvary Cemetery were relocated to Holy Cross in April 1929. Be afraid this is the land the walking dead…the land of pissed off, deadly wraiths.

Sorcerers and Shifters

Brisbane is unknown to most local residents since it is surrounded on three sides by undeveloped hills and a lagoon to the fourth. When US-101 was diverted to a freeway along the bay shore in the 1950’s, the area was bypassed and relieved from pressure to develop its land until the peninsula became clogged with people and businesses late in the last century. With only 4,000 residents, Brisbane retains a small town village feel, cantered around a typical main street. Brisbane is known as the "City of Stars" because residents display large, beautiful lighted stars on their homes at Christmas. Its seclusion was the perfect hidey hole for the Sorcerers from the oppression of the vampires. As many Shifters have taken up residence in the forests of the Brisbane hills the town itself has become a popular haunt.

** The Facility (#RA_Facility) - An underground research bunker deep in the western Hills just out side of Brisbane. This is safe house for all Sorcerers belonging to ‘The Collective” and the “Dawnbringers”

Free Land

*Daily City and South San Fransisco
This is no man’s land, a border break between the main city, its kindred, and whatever other monstrosities down south. One the foolish and the brave live down here. As a result this area Free land, and most would rather not attempt to make it otherwise.


*San Bruno
Here be Monsters. This is the area of the more reclusive Shifters of varying breeds.

*Angel Island
Something solitary lives here.

*North of San Fransisco
Past the Golden Gate Bridge long the coast form the Golden Gate Nation Recreation Area to the Point Reyes National Seashore is land of death and monsters. The Lupin protect a Caern somwhere here.
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City Information (Territories)
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