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 Channel Character Creation Rules - MANDATORY READING

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PostSubject: Channel Character Creation Rules - MANDATORY READING   Wed May 20, 2009 5:09 pm

STs reserve the right to refuse any part of the character if they believe it will unbalance the game or not fit into the chronicle.

  • We allow Vampire, Ghoul, Mortal or Sorcerer characters only; however, other supernaturals (White-Wolf sanctioned only) can be negotiated with The STs but is not guaranteed.
  • Players porting characters may not use previous channel histories in their backgrounds.
  • Once a character has been submitted, no amendments can be made on it without the approval of two ST's
  • No military grade weapons, and no military influence will be allowed at character creation.
  • Ammo will be restricted to regular (that is, obtainable at Wal-Mart with a license or reasonably obtainable on the streets with a high streetwise score)only.
  • Secondary Ablilities will cost the same as normal Abilities during character creation.
  • The number of Merits and Flaws which can be taken in character creation can't exceed 7 points in either with out ST approval.
  • No Players will be allowed to start with Resources above 4.

  • Vampire Character Creation Rules:
    - All characters are to be created as Camarilla (6 main clans & Gangrel). Anarch or Independent Characters are with ST approval ONLY and no player will be allowed to roll a Sabbat character.
    - There are no real restrictions on Clan, BUT STs have the final say in allowing any obscure clan.
    - Generation is capped at 9th (max).
    - No characters will be made with a Non Clan Discipline, unless the player has taken the Extra Clan Discipline Merit. Remember this will be with ST approval.
    - The Background of Age is not allowed ever as this is not an Elder game.

  • Shifter Creation Rules:
    -No Garou
    -Everyone starts at rank 1
    -Reading the Players Guide To The Changing Breeds is mandatory
    -Only the Shifter breed mentioned in the Shifter section of the Wiki will be allowed and only with ST approval
    -Claws for any breed deals Lethal damage. To cause Aggravated damage a point of Rage needs spent but only with approval for the ST running the combat at the time.

  • Sorcerers who become ghouls will retain their Paths/Powers but will have the following to deal with:
    -They will suffer one point of Entropy to their Essence
    -Power will become static (You will be unable to advance or develop them further than their current rating)
    -They will be incapable of learning the gifts vampiric blood would grant a mortal/sleeper (No Vampiric Disciplines)
    -They will suffer the Addiction to the blood as well as becoming Blood Bound to their Domitor.
    -They do however gain the Unaging Merit and are capable of using the vampiric blood to heal as normal.
    HOWEVER if there were ghouled for a while and then stopped drinking...beat the addiction and what not then the sorcerer can get back what they lost.

There. That was relatively painless. jocolor

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Channel Character Creation Rules - MANDATORY READING
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