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 Thaumaturgy - Counter Magic

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PostSubject: Thaumaturgy - Counter Magic   Thaumaturgy - Counter Magic I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 2:28 am

This is less a path than it is a separate Discipline, as the power to resist Thaumaturgy can be taught independently of Thaumaturgy, even to those Kindred who are incapable of mastering even the simplest ritual (these indivicuals are indeed very rare, but a couple here and there do exist). However, the techniques of Thaumaturgical Countermagic are not officially taught outside House Tremere on a regular basis, for obvious reasons. Any non-Tremere who displays the ability to resist Thaumaturgy quickly becomes the subject of potentially fatal scrutiny from the entirity of House Tremere, especially those who are not "on the books" as having been a student of Thaumaturgy or Thaumaturgical Countermagic by one so authorized to instruct in it.

System: Thaumaturgical Countermagic is treated as a separate Discipline. It cannot be taken as a vampire's primary path, and a rating in it does not allow the vampire to perform rituals.. The use of Thaumaturgical Countermagicis treated as a free action in combat and does not require a split dice pool. To oppose a Thaumaturgy power or ritual, a vampire must have a Thaumaturgical Countermagic rating equal to or greater than the rating of the power or ritual (which means that rituals and powers of Level Six or greater cannot ever be countered with this power). The vampire spends a blood point and rolls the number of dice indicated by her Thaumaturgical Countermagic rating (difficulty equal to the difficulty of the power in use). Each success cancels one of the opposing Thaumaturge's successes.

Thaumaturgical Countermagic can only be used against Cainite Thaumaturgy at full effectiveness. It works with halved dice pools against mortal "hedge wizardry," and is completely ineffective against non-vampiric magics and powers.

Thaumaturgical Countermagic can be learned by vampires who are unable to learn Thaumaturgy (e.g. those with the Merit Magic Resistance). This path cannot be taken during character creation and cannot be spontaneously developed. it costs the same as any other non-clan Discipline to learn.

* Two dice of countermagic. The vampire can attempt to cancel only those powers and rituals that directly affect him and his garments.
** Four dice of countermagic
*** Six dice of countermagic. The vampire can attempt to cancel a Thaumaturgy power that affects anyone or anything in physical contact with him.
**** Eight dice of countermagic
***** Ten dice of countermagic. The vampire can now attempt to cancel a power or ritual that targets anything within a radius equal to his Willpower rating in yards, or one that is being used or performed within that same radius.
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Thaumaturgy - Counter Magic
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