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 Thaumaturgy - Path of Blood

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PostSubject: Thaumaturgy - Path of Blood   Thaumaturgy - Path of Blood I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 2:03 am

*A Taste for Blood

You possess a variety of simple Perception-based abilities that relate to blood. You may determine how much blood is left in a Kindred or mortal, how recently a vampire has fed and the approx. generation of a vampire. You must touch the blood in order to be able to tell anything about it. System: The player must roll Perception + Occult (Diff 7). The number of successes determines how much information is received and how accurate it is.

**Blood Rage

With but a touch, the caster can force another Kindred to use their blood whether she wants to or not. Thus a vampire may find her strength suddenly increased and have no idea why. Additionally, since the vampire becomes more excitable, the difficulties of all frenzy rolls for the rest of the scene increase by one. System: The player must roll Dex + Subterfuge against a difficulty of a targets willpower. Every success forces the target to immediately spend one blood point in a way the caster desires.

***Blood of Potency

You may perform manipulations of blood, which make the blood within your body more potent for a short time, thereby lowering your effective generation. System: Roll Manipulation + Survival (Diff Cool; successes must be spent both to decrease the caster’s generation and create a duration in hours.

****Theft of Vitae

You can mystically transfer blood into your system from a distance and even drain the blood pools of other creatures to add to your own. System: The caster must roll intelligence + medicine against a difficulty of 6 if the blood is stationary (such as in a blood bank) or against the targets willpower if attacking another being. The number of successes determines how many blood points are transferred. The blood to be stolen must be within 50 ft. and in clear view. The source of the attack will be obvious.

*****Cauldron of Blood.

You are capable of manipulating others blood. By touching another, you are able to boil their blood, not only causing incredible physical harm but destroying much of the blood as well. This virtually ensures the death of any mortal whom you perform this upon, and can inflict great harm upon vampires as well. System: The player must roll willpower against a difficulty equal to the number of blood points the vampire wishes to boil at once +4 (Max 10). The victim also takes one wound for every point boiled.
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Thaumaturgy - Path of Blood
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