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 Thaumaturgy - Spirit Manipulation

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* Hermetic Sight

The Vampire can perceive the spirit world, either by gazing deeply into it or by seeing the presence of nearby spirits as a hazy overlay on the material world. This power does not allow the thaumaturge to see into the realms of the dead or into the realms of fae (the land of the Faeries).

** Astral Cant

The languages of the spirit world are infinitely varied and mainly incomprehensible to mortal (or immortal) minds. Astral Cant does not teach he thaumaturge the tongues of the spirits, but it does allow him to understand them as they speak to him and to reply in their own languages – in effect, a universal translator for the spirit world. Imprecise use of this power can be disastrous, particularly when a thaumaturge is bargaining with a powerful spirit. The use of this power is not always necessary; many spirits speak human tongues but choose to feign ignorance when dealing with Vampires.

*** Voice of Command

This is perhaps the most dangerous power in the Spirit manipulation arsenal, for the consequences if a thaumaturge fails can be unpleasant. Voice of Command allows a vampire to issue orders to a spirit, compelling it to heed his or her bidding whether or not it desires.

**** Entrap Ephemera

This discipline allows a thaumaturge to bind a spirit into a physical object. This can be done to imprison the target, but is more often performed to create a fetish, an artifact that allows a user to channel a portion of the spirit’s power through it to affect the physical world. Fetishes created by this power are often unruly and fail at inopportune moments, as the spirits within are most displeased with their situation and will take any opportunity to escape or thwart their captors.

***** Duality

The thaumaturge can now fully interact with the spirit world. While using this discipline, he or she exists on both planes of existence at once. The Vampire is able pick up objects in the physical world and place them into the spirit world and vice versa. Beings and landscape features in both realms are solid to the thaumaturgist, any they can engage in any manner of interaction. They can even use Thaumaturgy and other Disciplines in either world.

This is not without its dangers, however: One misstep and the vampire can find himself trapped in the spirit realm with no way to return home. Several incautious thaumaturgists have starved into torpor while trapped on the other side of the barrier that separates the physical and spirit realms.
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Thaumaturgy - Spirit Manipulation
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