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 Thaumaturgy - Mastery of the Mortal Shell

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Thaumaturgy - Mastery of the Mortal Shell Empty
PostSubject: Thaumaturgy - Mastery of the Mortal Shell   Thaumaturgy - Mastery of the Mortal Shell I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 1:42 am


The Thaumaturge induces minor disorientation and dizziness through subtle manipulations in the subject’s body. Although the physical discomfort is temporary and minor, Tremere have been known to use it on social rivals at the most inopportune times, causing them to lose their aplomb. System: A touch from the thaumaturge invokes disorientation in the victim. All of the subject’s physical actions are at +1 difficulty for the duration of vertigo. Further uses of this path may extend the duration, though the difficulty will not increase beyond +1. The GM may impose any other desirable effect, such as acrophobia or agoraphobia.


With a touch, the caster causes the opponents muscles to contort involuntarily, reducing the victim to twitching fits. This effect is extremely disconcerting to the subject, rendering the affected limb unusable. System: By making Physical contact with one of the limbs of the target, the caster renders it useless for the duration of the contortion. Targeting rules apply for selecting specific extremities, should contact not be guaranteed. Leg = hard to stand. Arm = loss of use. Head = loss of speech, +3 to social rolls and facial spasaming. The caster can affect himself, causing the muscles to tighten like a vice. Each success increases the difficulty by one to break the grasp or hold. This is very useful in a bite or choke attack, making futile any attempt to flee, and may also used on others in this beneficial way.


Like a nervous disorder, this power causes the body to ‘lock up’ in a fit of convulsions. All the muscles throughout the body tighten uncontrollably, the victim foams at the mouth and spasms rack them with agony. A mortal may even choke to death on their own tongue. System: A light touch visits upon any target the very unpleasant effects of this power. For the duration of the seizure, a victim’s body writhes, tormenting them to the point of incapacitation. Victims suffer a four dice penalty to any actions. The victim also suffers one level of bashing damage every turn, though this damage is soakable.

****Body Failure

Casters wielding this frightful power gain devastating insights into the workings of the body, allowing complete shutdown of its systems. This sudden biological overload often proves fatal to mortals and damaging to other supernatural beings. Body failure has been used throughout the ages to afflict victims in ‘natural’ and inconspicuous ways. Many cases of ‘fatal palsy’ and natural death may be the result of a skilled caster. System: This power can affect any target the caster can see. A successful activation grants effects similar to seizure, except that the damage is lethal (Thus not soakable by mortals) due to complete organ failure. Additionally, the victim suffers a five dice penalty to all actions. Kindred are likewise affected by Body Failure, as their muscles spasm and brain activity becomes erratic. As kindred they may soak damage.


The caster invoking Marionette gains such mastery over the body that he can magically seize control of another being and manipulate their actions to suit his own whims. Although this control is not as fine as the direct and personal command of the Dominate power of possession, the casters true body is not as vulnerable during the manipulation. Once established, the marionette victim is under complete sway of the caster, forced to perform as the casters macabre pawn. System: The caster may affect any target within his line of sight and he must keep visual contact with the victim at all times to maintain this effect. A subject may resist the effects of marionette on a stamina + fortitude roll (Difficulty = to the casters will.) when the caster attempts to take control. Each success he gains on this roll reduces the duration by one turn. Victims lacking fortitude do not have the physical resistance to defy this effect. For the duration of this power, the caster can cause the victim to perform any physical action. However, due to the nature of this control, the difficulties of all the actions increase by 2. The concentration this power requires also increases the casters own difficulties by 2 for all actions undertaken while manipulating the victim. Another application of this power extends the duration of this arcane control. Marionette does not rob the victim of his cognisance, only his physical control over his body. During this time of mastery, the target remains aware that some outside force is manipulating their actions, conscious that they are not their own.
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Thaumaturgy - Mastery of the Mortal Shell
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