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 Thaumaturgy - Elemental Mastery

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Rego Elementum This path allows a thaumaturge limited control over and communication with inanimate objects. Mistakenly believed by many to be related to the four basic elements (earth, air, fire, and water), this path is actually closer to an amalgamation of Spirit Thaumaturgy and the Path of Conjuring. Elemental Mastery can only be used to affect the unliving -- a vampire couldn't cause a tree to walk by using Animate the Unmoving, for instance. Thaumaturges who seek mastery over living things generally study Biothaumaturgical Experimentation

* Elemental Strength

The Vampire with this discipline can draw upon the strength and resilience of the earth, or of the objects around him, to increase his or her physical prowess without the need for large amounts of blood.

** Wooden Tongues

A Cainite with this discipline may speak, albeit in limited fashion, with the spirit of any inanimate object. The conversation may not be incredibly interesting, as most rocks and chairs have limited concern for what occurs around them, but the Vampire can get at least a general impression of what the subject has “experienced”. INTERMEDIATE

*** Animate the Unmoving

Objects affected by this power move as the Vampire using it dictates. An object cannot take an action that would be completely inconceivable for something with its form – for instance, a door could not leap from its hinges and carry someone across the street. However, seemingly solid objects can become more flexible within reason: Barstools can run with their legs, guns can twist out of their owners hands or fire while holstered, and statues can move like normal humans. This discipline takes a great deal of concentration to pull off, although the level of concentration decreases with experience and age.

**** Elemental Form

The Vampire with this discipline can take the shape of any inanimate object of a mass roughly equal to his or her own. A desk, a statue or a bicycle would be more feasible, but a house or a pen would be beyond this power’s capacity. Invoking this power takes but a mere thought of the object you wish to mask, but requires immense concentration to maintain. You do have the ability to speak; you’re a disembodied voice trailing from the object you manifested into. However, you do not have the ability to use of your other disciplines while in this state. You remain in this state for one full night or when you release the discipline.

***** Summon Elemental

A Vampire may summon one of the traditional spirits of the elements: a salamander (fire), a sylph (air), a gnome (earth), or an undine (water). Some Tremere claims to have contacted elemental spirits of glass, electricity, blood and even atomic energy, but such reports remain unconfirmed (even as their authors are being summoned to Vienna for questioning). The thaumaturge may choose what type of elemental he or she wishes to summon and control.
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Thaumaturgy - Elemental Mastery
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