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 Thaumaturgy - Biothaumaturgical Experimentation

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Thaumaturgy - Biothaumaturgical Experimentation Empty
PostSubject: Thaumaturgy - Biothaumaturgical Experimentation   Thaumaturgy - Biothaumaturgical Experimentation I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 12:18 am

This power is as much science as thaumaturgy, and a laboratory, with a lot of esoteric equipment is necessary. Assume that a single roll represents a week of work, and an expenditure of $1000 per level of the power being used.

* Thaumaturgical Forensics

The vampire can learn things about a target from a piece of hair, skin, blood, or other tissue. Things that can be learned by this power include age, sex, race, clan, generation, tribe, Garou gifts, vampiric diablerie, infernal diablerie, disciplines, Vicissitude infection, etc.

** Animal Experimentation

The vampire may alter an animal. Each success represents one attribute dot, two abilities dots, one instinct, one behavior pattern, one aspect of the creature’s niche in the ecology (such as diet or habitat), or one feature that can be added, removed, or modified. The Storyteller must approve all such changes.

*** Thaumaturgical Surgery

The vampire may heal two levels of normal damage, or one level of aggravated damage, done to a target, per success. This power may not be used twice on the same injury. The surgery takes an hour; the recovery time is one week.

**** Human Experimentation

As Animal Experimentation, but may be used to alter mundane humans.

***** Supernatural Experimentation

As Animal Experimentation, but may be used to alter vampires, mages, mummies, werecreatures, spirits, faeries, etc.
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Thaumaturgy - Biothaumaturgical Experimentation
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