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 Secondary Abilities: Knowledges

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==House Rules for Secondary Abilities==

Secondary abilities are more specialized versions of Primary abilities. Here at RA they cost the same as Primary abilities, BUT when used the rolls are made with a -2 to the difficulty. STs must clear the Secondary ability when initially purchased.


You can set up and keep accounts in the commercially approved, conventional manner. You can also interpret accounts and find errors, tricks and embezzlement.

* Novice: Night school
* * Practiced: Junior clerk
* * * Competent: Senior clerk or junior partner
* * * * Expert: Senior partner
* * * * * Master: Nothing escapes you.

Specialties: Small Business, Large Corporation, Governmental, Taxes

You are familiar with the writings of the classical and medieval alchemists, and you also have some practical experience. This Ability is indirectly related to the Knowledge of Chemistry, in a manner similar to the relationship between Astronomy and Astrology. You can interpret al-chemical texts, and you understand the various symbols and ciphers used by the alchemists even when you find them in a non-alchemical context.

* Novice: A mere dabbler
* * Practiced: Apprentice
* * * Competent: Journeyman
* * * * Expert: Experienced alchemist,
* * * * * Master

Specialties: Transmutation, Cosmology, Lapis Philosophorum

You have studied the human phenomenon of society in many of its forms, and understand its basic rules and structures on a theoretical level. You also have some specific knowledge about one or more contemporary preindustrial societies.

* Novice: Student
* * Practiced: Grad student or research assistant
* * * Competent: Professor or veteran fieldworker
* * * * Expert: Head of department in major university
* * * * * Master: Leading light of the field.

Specialties: Physical, Social, Ancient, Theoretical, specific cultures

You have studied the remains of the past and the processes by which they are preserved and discovered. You can interpret archaeological remains and identify the likely origin of ancient artefacts; you also know a fair amount about one or more ancient cultures.

* Novice: Undergrad or amateur
* * Practiced: Graduate student or research assistant
* * * Competent: Professor
* * * * Expert: Research fellow
* * * * * Master: Doyen

Specialties: Prehistoric Europe, Classical, Central America, Excavation, Underwater Archaeology, Theory, Paleopathology, Palaeoecology

Area Knowledge
You are familiar with an area - usually a city - and know a fair amount about its structure, history, geography and mortal politics. This Knowledge does not include Kindred affairs, which are covered by the Knowledge’s of Kindred Lore and City Secrets (below).

* Novice: You know a fair amount for an outsider.
* * Practiced: You may have lived there for a year or two.
* * * Competent: You may have lived there for 510 years.
* * * * Expert: You're native born, and never left.
* * * * * Master: You could write the definitive book on the area.

Specialties: History, Geography, Politics, Transportation, Law

You know how to compile and interpret a horoscope. Given the date and time (and, according to some systems, the place) of a person's birth, you can construct a personality profile and a set of predictions about the likely course of his life. Whether you actually believe these revelations is a matter of personal taste, but you can present them in a convincing and pleasing manner to those who do believe.

* Novice: You merely dabble.
* * Practiced: Friends ask you to make horoscopes for them.
* * * Competent: You could run a small astrology business.
* * * * Expert: You could have a syndicated newspaper column.
* * * * * Master: You could work for celebrities and politicians.

Specialties: Solar Horoscope, Ming Shu, Zu Wei

You study the heavens and their movements from a scientific rather than a mystical standpoint. You can identify most constellations, operate an astronomical telescope, predict sunspots, eclipses and comets, and identify most heavenly phenomena.

* Novice: Student or amateur
* * Practiced: Grad student or enthusiastic amateur
* * * Competent: Professor or Doyen of local society
* * * * Expert: Research fellow, TV host or NASA hotshot
* * * * * Master: Renowned scholar or NASA team leader

Specialties: Planets, Galaxies, Quasars, Novas and Nebulae, Black Holes, Big Bang Theory.

You know about the nature of life, the forms it takes, and the way living organisms work. You have a reasonable chance of identifying a plant or creature, even from a fragment. You must have at least one dot in Science before you can acquire this Knowledge.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student
* * * Competent: Grad student
* * * * Expert: Professor
* * * * * Master: Research fellow

Specialties: Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Palaeontology

Camarilla Lore
You know information about the Camarilla. You know who many of the princes are, who many of the real rulers are, details about the Masquerade, Camarilla history, legend and propaganda.

* Novice: What just about all Camarilla Kindred know
* * Practiced: What most Ventrue know
* * * Competent: What most Nosferatu or Tremere know
* * * * Expert: What most princes know
* * * * * Master: What most Methuselahs know

Specialties: History, Legends, Famous Rulers, Princes, Strategies, Current Activities, Secrets, Propaganda

You have studied the nature of substances and their interactions, and know how to prepare various chemical compounds. You also know how to deal with various hazardous substances. You must have at least one dot in Science before you can acquire this Knowledge.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student
* * * Competent: Grad student
* * * * Expert: Professor
* * * * * Master: Research fellow

Specialties: Organic, Inorganic, Analysis, Safety

City Secrets
This Knowledge describes a character's knowledge of a particular city (you choose which); who is who, who has power, how its vampires relate to one another and what is going on. In Chicago by Night, this Knowledge was called Secrets. This Knowledge cannot be taken during character generation; it can only be obtained through direct experience. At the end of some stories, the ST will announce the maximum number of experience points a character can allot to this Knowledge, based on what each character has discovered during the course of the story. Note that information about each Kindred community is a separate Knowledge; knowing about the Kindred of Chicago gives a character no information about the Kindred of Los Angeles, for instance.

* Novice: Whelp
* * Practiced: Naive or inexperienced
* * * Competent: You have an ear to the ground
* * * * Expert: Well-informed
* * * * * Master: Seasoned intriguer

Specialties: Prince, Primogen, Secret Powers, Anarchs, Influences, Sabbat Presence, Havens, Masquerade

Clan Knowledge
You know information pertaining to a clan (generally, but not always, your own). This information is not privy to most and it may have taken years for you to discover any useful information. Many clan members know very little about their heritage, usually because they do not care to find out.

* Novice: What some clan members know
* * Practiced: What most ancillae know
* * * Competent: What most elders know
* * * * Expert: What most Methuselahs know
* * * * * Master: What only the clan leader knows

Specialties: Gossip, Membership, Legends, History, Gatherings

Computer Hacking
The player must have at least two dots in Computer before purchasing this Knowledge. Hacking allows the computer user to break the rules. It is not a programming skill – that requires the Computer Knowledge.

* Novice: You are a computer geek who knows a few tricks, such as changing your grades in the university computer network.
* * Practiced: You have great "luck" in guessing computer passwords.
* * * Competent: You thought your electric bill was too high last month, but you can fix that with a few keystrokes.
* * * * Expert: Now that you have cracked the bank codes, which is it: Rio or Bermuda?
* * * * * Master: The European Community was pretty annoyed about that thermonuclear incident, but you know they can never trace it back to you.

Specialties: Viruses, Data Retrieval, Networking, Telecommunications

You have studied the nature of crime - when, where, how and why it is committed, the nature of the criminal mind and the history of famous cases. You are an expert on crime and law enforcement.

* Novice: Amateur
* * Practiced: Enthusiast
* * * Competent: Scholar or detective
* * * * Expert: Criminal historian or senior detective
* * * * * Master: The Shadow

Specialties: Serial Killings, Unsolved Crimes, Jack the Ripper, Criminal Psychology

You may skilfully compose and interpret codes and ciphers. You can construct a code that can only be cracked by someone who scores as many successes as you have dots in this Knowledge. You can also crack a code, rolling this Knowledge against a difficulty assigned by the Storyteller depending on the code's complexity.

* Novice: Grade-school spy fan
* * Practiced: Word puzzle buff, military signals officer
* * * Competent: Intelligence officer
* * * * Expert: Intelligence cipher specialist
* * * * * Master: James Bond

Specialties: Letter Shifts, Mathematical Encryption, Obscure Character Sets

You know what an economy is and how one works. Coupled with Area Knowledge, this Ability enables you to determine the origin and destination of every penny in the city. You can study a city or country and gain a fair understanding of its economic condition and the reasons for such.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student
* * * Competent: Grad student or business journalist
* * * * Expert: Professor or economic consultant
* * * * * Master: Research fellow or presidential advisor

Specialties: Private Sector, Public Sector, Stock Market, Taxes, International

You are familiar with the construction and operation of electronic devices. You can identify the function of an unknown electronic device, and diagnose and repair a malfunctioning or broken device given time and equipment.

* Novice: Tinkerer
* * Practiced: Ham radio operator
* * * Competent: TV repairman
* * * * Expert: Computer engineer
* * * * * Master: Computer hardware designer

Specialties: Radio/TV, Control Systems, Information Systems

You can understand, design and diagnose faults in mechanical systems of all kinds. You may not actually be able to build and fix them

* Novice: Amateur
* * Practiced: Student
* * * Competent: Junior engineer
* * * * Expert: Chief engineer
* * * * * Master: Ace inventor

Specialties: Automotive, Air, Marine, Domestic, Maintenance/Repair, Invention

Faerie Lore
You possess information pertaining to the Seelie and Unseelie faeries, and know something of their great kingdom: Arcadia. Because Kindred are unable to travel to this realm, most of your knowledge is hearsay, and thus difficult to verify.

* Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.
* * Practiced: You know some relevant facts.
* * * Competent: You possess a general knowledge of their ways.
* * * * Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.
* * * * * Master: You think you know the secrets of these creatures.

Specialties: Enchanting Music, Faerie Food, Somniare, Atlantium, Antrum, Caelum, Barathrum, Tartarus

You are trained in the recognition and interpretation of physical clues. You can examine the scene of a crime, for instance, and find out the race, sex, build, hair colour, clothing type and probable social class of every one who was there in the last three to four days. You can examine a body and discover the cause and probable circumstances of death.

* Novice: Amateur sleuth
* * Practiced: Detective, FBI agent
* * * Competent: Police specialist
* * * * Expert: FBI specialist
* * * * * Master: Sherlock who?

Specialties: Scene of Crime, Pathology, Ballistics, Fingerprints

You have studied the physical composition of the earth. You know something about the physics and chemistry of rock, the formation of landscape features, and other related topics. You can identify the type and probable source of a piece of stone; evaluate a likely place to look for oil, precious metals and gems; and identify and refine ores. One dot in Science is necessary to take this Knowledge.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student
* * * Competent: Grad student or oilman
* * * * Expert: Professor or prospecting consultant
* * * * * Master: Research fellow

Specialties: Petrology, Geomorphology, Prospecting, Palaeontology, Engineering

You have studied the history of the world or of a specific area or period, and understand what happened, when, why, and who was involved. You also have a fair idea of social, political, economic and technological conditions in various past times and places. Note that in the case of vampires, this Knowledge relates only to times and places that are outside their direct experience.

* Novice: Amateur or high school
* * Practiced: Enthusiast or college student
* * * Competent: Grad student or author
* * * * Expert: Professor
* * * * * Master: Research fellow

Specialties: Political, Intellectual, Social, Economic, Technological, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia

Kindred Lore
This Knowledge cannot be taken during character generation; it can only be obtained through direct experience. Kindred Lore reflects a character's knowledge of the great secrets of the Kindred. the Jyhad, Gehenna, the Antediluvians, Methuselahs, Inconnu and the Book of Nod. At the end of some stories, the Storyteller will announce the maximum number of experience points a character can allot to the acquisition or improvement of this Knowledge, based on what each character has discovered during the course of the story. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you know about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

* Novice: But a whelp
* * Practiced: Still mostly unfamiliar
* * * Competent: Broad familiarity with the legends
* * * * Expert: Knows a few of the great secrets * * * * * Master: Possessor of some of the great secrets

Specialties: Jyhad, Inconnu, Antediluvians, Caine, Book of Nod, Gehenna

You are familiar with the literature of one or more nations or historical periods, and know something of the general style and structure of literature - the things that set literature apart from mere fiction or entertainment. You can usually find a witty and appropriate quote, or identify a quotation if you see one.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student or struggling author
* * * Competent: Grad student or critic
* * * * Expert: Professor or recognized author
* * * * * Master: Research fellow or celebrated author

Specialties: The Novel, Poetry, Drama, English, American, European, Classical, Medieval, Asian, Islamic

Lupine Lore
You possess information pertaining to werewolves- what they eat, when they gather, their strengths and their weaknesses. You can use this Knowledge to discover how best to combat them, or how to bring about a peace between their tribes and you. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

* Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.
* * Practiced: You know some relevant facts.
* * * Competent: You possess a general understanding of your subject.
* * * * Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.
* * * * * Master: You know as much about them as they do themselves.

Specialties: Tribes, Totems, Spirit Guides, Packs, Ancestors

Mage Lore
You are familiar with the lore of magic and witchcraft. You know of the ancient orders of wizards: their cabals, covenants, and secret rituals. More importantly, you also know about their modern counterparts. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

* Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.
* * Practiced: You know some relevant facts.
* * * Competent: You possess basic knowledge of the mystic ways.
* * * * Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.
* * * * * Master: You understand the theory of magic.

Specialties: Rituals, Wicca, Astrology, Order of Hermes, Kabbalah, Mystic Traditions

You know about the properties and behaviour of metals and alloys. Given time and equipment, you can identify almost any metal or alloy from a sample. in Science to take this Knowledge.

* Novice: Student
* * Practiced: Grad student or apprentice
* * * Competent: Professor or engineer
* * * * Expert: Engineer
* * * * * Master: Chief engineer

Specialties: Iron, Steel, Copper Alloys, High-Stress Alloys, Conductors

Military Science
Through intensive study or actual battle experience, you are familiar with the techniques needed to conduct a military campaign. Your knowledge spans the spectrum of war, from the tactics required to command a 10-man squad to the grand strategy needed to command whole armies. You know how best to deploy your forces, cut off supply lines and capture vital territory.

* Novice: Citadel graduate
* * Practiced: NCO
* * * Competent: Brigadier general
* * * * Expert: Julius Caesar
* * * * * Master: Sun Tzu

Specialties: Phalanx, Large-Scale, One-on-One, Modern, Sieges, Sabbat

You are a student of animal behaviour. Through study or experience, you know when and where to find certain animals, how to watch them without provoking them to run away or attack you, and how they react to certain things. You can, by reading natural signs, predict whether there is a predator or some other threat in the area, and can interpret an animal's mood through its behaviour

* Novice: Boy Scout
* * Practiced: Outdoors type
* * * Competent: TV nature show host
* * * * Expert: Seasoned fieldworker
* * * * * Master: David Attenborough

Specialties: Temperate Forest, Jungle, Plains, Mountains, Coast, Arctic, Desert

You have studied the science of matter, its composition and its behaviour. You can calculate masses and velocities without even thinking about so doing, you know a little about why the universe is the way it is, and you might even understand the Theory of Relativity. You can understand and interpret physical data, the notes of other physicists, and experimental or laboratory equipment. You must have at least one dot in Science to take this Knowledge.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student
* * * Competent: Grad student
* * * * Expert: Professor
* * * * * Master: Research fellow

Specialties: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Aerodynamics, Astrophysics, Optics, Electronics, Nuclear, Theoretical, Applied

You have a formal education in the science of human nature. You know the modern theories of emotion, cognitive development, personality, perception and learning.

* Novice: High school
* * Practiced: College student
* * * Competent: Grad student
* * * * Expert: Professor
* * * * * Master: Theorist

Specialties: Behaviourism, Freudian, Jungian, Humanist, Developmental, Experimental, Animals

Sabbat Lore
You know information available only to members of the Sabbat. If you are not Sabbat and you possess this Knowledge, you had better keep it a secret. If the Sabbat were to find out, your unlife expectancy would plummet. You know Sabbat history, legends, rituals, tactics, strategies and much more.

* Novice: What almost all Sabbat know
* * Practiced: What most Sabbat priests know
'* * * Competent: What most Sabbat bishops know
* * * * Expert: What most Sabbat archbishops know
* * * * * Master: What the prisci, cardinals and Regent know

Specialties: History, Auctoritas Ritae Famous Sabbat, Local Sabbat, Propaganda

Sewer Lore
You know much about sewers in general and a great deal about the sewer system in your own city. This is valuable because it allows you to know what tunnels to take to go where you want to go. You know where the havens of the Nosferatu are.

* Novice: You are a real tunnel rat.
* * Practiced: What a city worker might know
* * * Competent: What a Nosferatu or Giovanni would know
* * * * Expert: What older Nosferatu would know
* * * * * Master: What a Nosferatu elder might know

Specialties: Havens, Food, Hiding Places, Shortcuts, Slums

Spirit Lore
You know of the spirit world, and its structure and forms. Though you may not necessarily have the ability to travel astrally, you understand how the process works. The world of ghosts is also known to you. Unlike Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

* Novice: Watched one of those bad TV shows.
'* * Practiced: Got scared in a haunted house.
* * * Competent: You know where they are.
* * * * Expert: You know what they are.
* * * * * Master: You know why they are.

Specialties: Benign Spirits, Malevolent Spirits, Mischievous Spirits, Astral Travel, Specific Site, Hauntings

Religion is a familiar aspect of human endeavour for you, and you fully understand its place in the world. At higher levels, this Knowledge imparts an appreciation for all religious beliefs, while less skilled individuals tend to view their own beliefs as intrinsically superior to any others.

* Novice: Participant
* * Practiced: Altar boy
* * * Competent: Priest
* * * * Expert: Professor
* * * * * Master: Theologian

Specialties: Women's (often called Theology), Comparative, Liberation, Agnosticism, Christian, Buddhist, Branch Davidian

Toxicology You have a working knowledge of poisons, their effects and antidotes. You can analyse a poison to ascertain its origin, and can mix a poison or antidote given time and equipment.

* Novice: Dabbler
* * Practiced: Detective; mystery reader
* * * Competent: Pharmacist; mystery writer
* * * * Expert: Forensic scientist; emergency room doctor
* * * * * Master: Assassin

Specialties: Venoms, Chemical Poisons, Herbal Poisons, Analysis, Antidotes, Instant Poisons, Slow -Build Poisons, Undetectable Poisons.

Wyrm Lore
Some vampires delve into the lore of the Lupines' enemy - the Wyrm. This is dangerous; for every bit of information they gain, they risk destruction or corruption. For more information on the Wyrm, see Werewolf: The Apocalypse or Book of the Wyrm.

* Novice: You are aware of and can name many Wyrm creatures.
* * Practiced: You know there are many Wyrm manifestations (Triatic Wyrms, Urge Wyrms). You may know some of the Black Spiral Dancers' pictograms.
* * * Competent: You know something of the geography and people of Malfeas.
* * * * Expert: You know of the Black Spiral Labyrinth and some of its secrets.
* * * * * Master: You are a danger to the Wyrm and yourself.

Specialties: Triatic Wyrm, Urge Wyrms, Monsters, Banes, Black Spiral Dancers, Malfeas
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Secondary Abilities: Knowledges
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