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 Mentor: The patron who advises and supports the character.

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Mentor: The patron who advises and supports the character. Empty
PostSubject: Mentor: The patron who advises and supports the character.   Mentor: The patron who advises and supports the character. I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 9:35 pm

This Trait represents an elder - or possibly even more than one - who looks out for you, offering guidance or aid once in a while. A mentor may be powerful, but his power need not be direct. Depending on the number of dots in this Background, your mentor might be nothing more than a vampire with a remarkable information network, or might be a centuries-old creature with tremendous influence and supernatural power. He may offer advice, speak to the prince (or archbishop) on your behalf, steer other elders clear of you or warn you when you're walking into situations you don't understand.

Most often your mentor is your sire, teacher, or the like, but it could well be any Cainite,fera, or sorcerer with a passing interest in your well-being. A high Mentor rating could even represent a group of like-minded people, such as the elders of the city's Tremere chantry.

Bear in mind that this Trait isn't a "Get out of Jail Free" card; your mentor won't arrive like the cavalry whenever you're endangered. What's more, she might occasionally expect something in return for her patronage (which can lead to a number of interesting stories). A mentor typically remains aloof, giving you useful information or advice out of camaraderie, but will abandon you without a thought if you prove an unworthy or troublesome "apprentice."

* 1 Mentor is a character of little influence.
* 2 Mentor is respected; an elder, for instance.
* 3 Mentor is heavily influential, such as a member of the primogen or a high ranking fera.
* 4 Mentor has a great deal of power over the city; a prince or archbishop, for example.
* 5 Mentor is extraordinarily powerful, perhaps even a justicar , Inconnu, or bon-bat.
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Mentor: The patron who advises and supports the character.
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