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 Fame: How well-known the character is among mortals.

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Fame:  How well-known the character is among mortals. Empty
PostSubject: Fame: How well-known the character is among mortals.   Fame:  How well-known the character is among mortals. I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 9:23 pm

You enjoy widespread recognition in mortal society, perhaps as an entertainer, writer or athlete. People may enjoy just being seen with you. This gives you all manner of privileges when moving in mortal society, but can also attract an unwanted amount of attention now that you're no longer alive. The greatest weapon fame has to offer is the ability to sway public opinion - as modern media constantly proves.

This Background is obviously a mixed blessing. You can certainly enjoy the privileges of your prestige - getting the best seats, being invited to events you'd otherwise miss, getting appointments with the elite - but you're also often recognized when you'd rather not be. However, your enemies can't just make you disappear without causing an undue stir, and you find it much easier to hunt in populated areas as people flock to you (reduce the difficulties of hunting rolls by one for each dot in Fame). Additionally, your Storyteller might permit you to reduce difficulties of Social rolls against particularly starstruck or impressionable people.

* 1 You're known to a select subculture of the city - local clubgoers or the Park Avenue set, for instance.
* 2 A majority of the populace recognizes your face; you're a local celebrity such as a news anchor.
* 3 You have statewide renown; perhaps you're a state senator or minor star of local interest.
* 4 Nationally famous; everybody knows something about you.
* 5 You're an internationally famous media icon.
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Fame: How well-known the character is among mortals.
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