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Sunlight, even more than fire, is deadly to vampires. Even diffuse sunlight running through a heavy curtain can cause burns, and direct sunlight sears all but the most powerful vampires. Unless a character has Fortitude, the rays of the sun cause burns, no matter how weak they are. Characters with Fortitude (and only characters with Fortitude) may attempt to soak sun damage, using a soak dice pool equal to the level of the Discipline. The difficulty to soak the damage depends on the intensity of the light, while the amount of damage taken depends on the amount of protection between the vampire's skin and the sunlight.

No part of a vampire is immune to the rays of the sun. Any character looking into direct sunlight is blinded instantly, her retinas burned by the illumination. Fortunately for vampires, the light reflected from the moon is not strong enough to inflict any serious damage, though some suffer the equivalent of mild sunburn if they are exposed to the light of a full moon and aren't wearing any protective gear. As with fire, sunlight inflicts automatic damage per turn unless soaked.

Intensity of Light Soak Difficulty
Faint light coming through a closed curtain; heavy cloud cover; twilight 3
Fully protected by heavy clothes, sunglasses, gloves and a wide-brimmed hat 5
Indirect light coming through a window or light curtains 7
Outside on a cloudy day; hit by one ray of direct light; catching the sun's reflection in a mirror 9
Direct rays from an unobscured sun 10

Turn Exposure Health Levels/Turn
Small part of body exposed - a hand or part of the face One
Large part of body exposed - a leg, an arm or the whole head Two
Fifty percent or more of the body exposed - wearing thin clothing Three
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