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 Channel Conduct (OOC and IC) - MANDATORY READING

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Channel Conduct (OOC and IC)  - MANDATORY READING Empty
PostSubject: Channel Conduct (OOC and IC) - MANDATORY READING   Channel Conduct (OOC and IC)  - MANDATORY READING I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 9:51 pm

It's unfortunate that we need to put this here but it needs to be said. There are rules of conduct that need to everyone needs to abide by at all times.

OOC Conduct:

  • All out of character chatter, questions, concerns, brb's, afk's etc. are restricted to #RA_OOC - Our bot calculates experience by number of lines posted. We don't give xp for idle banter.
  • The promotion of other channels to our players is restricted in the OOC, Main, and all side channels. It's usually an unspoken rule of respect but people have been known to break it. If you want to try to gather more players for a game you're in... do it in PM. We're all for the growth of channels, especially WoD ones but be a little courteous to the OP's /Story Tellers of this game who have put a lot of time and effort in.
  • If you have issues with topics being discussed in the OOC channel please contact an OP and we will deal with it in an appropriate fashion. Additionally, We understand that not everyone gets along, but verbal abuse (and we mean malicious behavior) will NOT be tolerated. We will ask that it stops as a first strike. If it continues you -will- be kick banned for a 24 hour period. If you still don't learn your lesson it will result in a Permanent Ban from the channel and your character will be phased out.

IC Conduct:

  • NEVER assume there are no mortals around when RPing in an outside or club location. If you or another player breaks the Masquerade inform an ST immediately, no matter how small. There are always unsuspecting eyes.
  • ALL scenes to be counted as viable Role Play MUST be logged by Rosie or Rosita (the bots).
  • If the scenes that will be acted out are for the purpose of character intimacy (ie. cyber, not character development) and have no bearing on the game itself or any SL's, players are forbidden from creating a side channel with the beginning of #RA_ to it. If the scenes start out as general role-play but begin to veer towards becoming a scene involving intimacy, fade it and part the bot. If you (choose to continue w/o the bot that's your perogative) do not part the bot, no xp will be given for any part of the scene. Such activities will not be counted as viable RP and will yield no xp. We are interested in role play, not smut.

And lastly, the usual basics with any RPG Chronicle:

  • No OP/ST Shopping, no disrespecting the ST's, no Meta-Gaming, etc.

Other than all that... Happy Gaming
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Channel Conduct (OOC and IC) - MANDATORY READING
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