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 Rosie the RA Bot of win!!!

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PostSubject: Rosie the RA Bot of win!!!   Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:19 am

Meet Rosie our lovely migrant worker bot and cousin to our dear Dani…wait Daughter makes more sense…anyway here you go...

Hello! I'm Rosie!! I'm your lovely bot for the oWoD channel #Rose^and^Apple, a 3rd Ed. Chronicle set in San Fransisco, CA. My list of commands are as follows:

To get this list of all Rosie’s commands PM Rosie with .help

.ops " - For a list of all the current OPs
.purpose " - My little mission statement so you know what I do around here!
.chans " - For a full list of all channels supported by this command.
.join <channel> " - For side channels please message this command in PM to Rosita.
.part <channel> " - This can also be used in the channel you want me or Rosita to leave.
.roll <number> " - (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION) First, type in ".roll list all" then find the roll on the list, then type ".roll <number>" for a description and dice pool for that roll.

Other commands are as follows:
.wiki " - For our Wiki Info
.forum " - For our Forum Info
.cast " - Gives the link to all the info for our current PC's and NPC's
.vampire " - To get a link to all our Vampire Info
.sorcerer " - To get a link to all our Sorcerer Info
.ghoul " - To get a link to all our Ghoul Info

Rosie loves abuse there are a few hidden messages try giving her a lick /me licks Rosie and watch her response.

This bot has several functions.

-Rosie will now be in all of the 'Official' (i.e. registered and owned by the founder) channels of the #RA Chronicle. #RA_ChinaTown, #RA_Docks, #RA_Anarch_Rack, #RA_Cam_Rack, #RA_Anarch_Downtown, #Rose^and^Apple, #RA_Facility, #RA_Anarch_Haven, #RA_Brisbane, #RA_Dice . Rosie is logging in each of those channels so that all of your RP in those channels will count towards your weekly experience point total.

-Rosie will house all of your characters Experience Point totals. Make sure you let Dani know character names and any new characters you may make so they can be entered into the bot. Rosie will calculate you’re XP automatically as you play. See XP all you need to know for more details.

-Rosie has all of the website information, such as links for different sections of the wiki, and the forum URL. For us lazy people who don't bookmark, and constantly need a reminder.

Rosita is a secondary bot. A lot of the time people will go off to #RA_MyHouse or #RA_Beach to play. As long as this RP is not X rated (i.e. CYBORZ!) it still counts toward your weekly xp. Rather than send in a log to prove you role-played, just invite Rosita to your channel using the command. When you are done with the RP you can make him part with another command. (Also if your perfectly G rated scene takes an unexpected turn for the naughty, you can also have Rosita part the channel)

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Rosie the RA Bot of win!!!
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