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 Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds

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Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds Empty
PostSubject: Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds   Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 11:20 am

Blood Bond Tutorial

-All characters are able to be blood bound in this game unless your character has a merit/flaw that nullifies the blood bond.

-Blood Bonds are formed in 3 steps.
1pt- The addiction begins immediately. You like the vampire a little more than you used too, despite the current relationship.
2pt - You start to crave the vampires attention, and their blood.
3pt- You are a slave. Your will and desires will be those of your regnant. Your free will in regard to this vampire is GONE.


-The bond timetable is reset every time you drink.
-1pt bond takes 31 days to disolve, and it does so with a minimum ammount of withdrawl.
-2pt bond takes 6mnths from the last drink to disipate and the withdrawl is much worse, like a temporary derangement of your choice, approved by the ST
-3pt bond takes 1 yr from the last drink to disolve. Getting over a 3 pt bond SUCKS!!!!! Your character may have to take a derangement permanently based on the circumstances. (ST Helps here too)

Playing a Blood Bond

A bloodbond is NO DIFFERENT between a ghoul and vampire, than a bond between two vampires. The person who is 3 pt bound is magically forced to obey and please their domitor. IF YOUR CHARACTER ENTERS A 3PT BLOODBOND IT MUST BE CONSISTANTLY PLAYED OUT IC. There is a system in place to attempt to assert control over your characters free will.


Thrall(Ghoul or bound character) must make a successful extended roll at Willpower at difficulty 8. (NOTE: If your character has the caregiver or child nature, this diff is raised to 9) to make SMALL ACTS of defiance. (Sneaking food, changing their appearance, refusing to bark like a dog and hop on one foot). The # of successes needed to complete this action of defiance must equal the ammount of times the character has fed from the vampire. This is why very old ghouls cannot go against a blood bond at all, because over a hundred years they have taken blood a minimum of 300 times. It would be a bloody damned miracle if you could get that # of successes. Yes, that is absurdly high, but it is that way for a reason. Bonds are meant to be forever. Untill you die.

If the # of successes is gained the thrall can do one thing. Leave the house, for instance. Or make a phonecall. A new action involving betraying the vampire must be rolled in the same manner, and so forth untill a botch is received. If you get a botch you MUST stop your plan and start all over another day.

Breaking a 3 pt bond before the year:

There are very very very very rare rituals of the Tremere and certain other clans that can break a blood bond. THIS MUST BE FOUND OUT IC! And trust me.. there is no garuntee your character will find one. Very very rare, as I mentioned. Attempting to break the bond IS an action of rebellion and the rolls must be made. The only other way the bond will break before the year is up is if the regnant dies. Then, the break is instant.

3 pt bonds can only be had one at a time. You cannot be 3 pts bound to more than one vampire. A slave cannot serve two masters after all.

You can have as many 1 or 2 pt bonds as your poor character can keep up with. At the formation of the 3 pt bond, all previous 1 and 2 pt bonds become void. New ones can form over time, but it becomes a clean slate. That also happens if the bond is broken. If the 3 pt bond dies, they all die.

If anything in this tutorial is unclear free free to come to #RA_Ops and we'll chat it up all night on the subject.

As with everything else in this game, none of this knowledge may be used IC without the corresponding roleplay. I.e. someone must explain this your character or they must read it in a book, or have experienced in in their history. If your character has not done those things, then this information is provided simply to give you a better clarification of the rules, so you can play your character to the fullest. Or not, depending on if their domitor wants to keep them in a cage. I'm just sayin.
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Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds Empty
PostSubject: Addendum to Blood Bond Rule   Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 1:07 pm

Please Note:

One Point of Blood = 1 pint. It does not take a drop to ghoul or cause a bond, it takes a pint.


To form a 3 point bond the 3 points must be taken into the victim on three seperate nights. Not neccesarily consecutive but still 3 seperate nights.

Log your shit people Smile

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Everything your character wished they knew about Bloodbonds
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